Why homework is important?


What are the main goals of homework?

 The importance of homework has always been discussed by teachers and the education system, and many people. Many believe that homework should not be mandatory as a means of understanding. Recent scientific research, however, has proven otherwise. This research has proven that homework has an important role in students' learning, which is especially important for primary school. Who Invented Homework and Why?



 According to Roberto Nolis, the inventor of homework, there are benefits for students:

  • Students have the opportunity to study this without rushing
  •   Study without external estimation
  • To select the desired rhythm (hour) of work
  • Independent planning for the work period
  • To involve all the necessary sources of information

Based on the above points, the value of the scientific assignment is in the following cases:

  • Consolidation in memory of isolated materials in class
  • Repeat previously moved content
  • Integrate and develop different skills needed for independent work.


The main purpose of the assignments:


 The main objectives of the task are students' independence and responsibility, mastery of teaching work skills, ability to extract information, and

  Noted the formation of student research skills (comparison, comparison, hypothesis, hypothesis construction, etc.)

To succeed in understanding and mastering the material, students need a proper task. For this reason, using different types of homework is essential for the successful mastery of the program. Teachers should combine the right kinds of assignments in each class and encourage students to do them.

Types of homework

At first, the home work was not assigned in various ways. On the other hand, the inventor did not have enough time to experiment on this ground, so it was difficult for him to formulate a formula for effective study at home. Now homework teachers integrate methods. A combination encourages students to study what they have learned.

  • Mastery of the studied materials according to the textbook
  • Performance of oral exercises
  • Performance of written exercises
  • Performance of creative work (essay writing, etc.)
  • Preparation of reports related to the studied materials (writing lessons, etc.)
  • Perform observations and experiments

 Combining different types of tasks will help the student to understand better and master more information. If you want to get a grade for your homework, click here and know us as your online homework assistant.

What is the role of homework in improving the quality of education?

Learning is a change that occurs in human ability and lasts for a while and can not be easily attributed to acquired growth processes)

Thus, homework is used as an exercise for learning and ability, and homework refers to those learning activities assigned to students in the classroom teaching to do outside the classroom and school.

 Hundreds of studies have been done on homework and its role in academic success. For example, these researches date back to ninety years ago, and they consider homework an integral part of learning. Studies of teachers, students, parents, and professionals in recent years show that all believe that reading helps students achieve better grades. Seems

 Organizing homework by students is one way to make learning easier. Depending on the different homework types, each can help promote students' better learning and increase their reading. According to activity methods, it is very important in education and absorbing knowledge. Students will become more independent and responsible in the next stage if the initial understanding and learning are integrated.



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